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Transparency in on line education is a concept:

Transparency in on line education is a concept:

"... that you and your doings are visible to fellow students and teachers within a learning environment. For instance, transparency could mean that students and teachers are made aware of and have access to each other’s interests, thoughts, concerns, ideas, writings, references, and assignments. "

"...The purpose of transparency is to enable students and teachers to see and follow the work of fellow students and teachers within a learning environment and in that sense to make participants available to each other as resources for their learning activities."

Dalsgaard,Christian, Paulsen, Morten Flate; Transparency in Cooperative Online Education http://www.irrodl.org/index.php/irrodl/article/view/671/1267

"Transparency between students means that they have insight into each other’s work, thoughts, and productions. Not least within online education, transparency is not a given. Students might work at a distance and individually, and, thus, they are not necessarily aware of the activities of other students. In their individual work, however, students write notes, search for literature, find relevant websites, write assigements etc."

Dalsgaard, Christian, Social networking sites: Transparency in online

The sentences above illustrate the importance of transparent learning. Based on this spirit I've done this work that intents to give more information about Transparency in a online learning ambience.

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